As the aftermath of Britain's decision to leave the EU kicks in, we are seeing the responses of London Market and industry leaders.



"Lloyd's underwriters have a well-earned reputation for being nimble and flexible in their business activities; they are well-placed to steer a course through these uncertainties and to take advantage of the resultant opportunities as they arise. The LMA will be monitoring developments closely and liaising with our members to ensure they are well supported and their views are represented over the months to come.”

- David Gittings, Chief Executive - Lloyd's Market Association (LMA)


 “Clearly the UK’s decision to exit the EU presents challenges for London market companies and uncertainty surrounding the potentially prolonged nature of this process will be problematic for future planning. Our industry is, however, experienced in responding to change."

- David Matcham, Chief Executive - Internation Underwriting Association (IUA)

"I am confident that Lloyd's will stay at the centre of the global specialist insurance and reinsurance sector, and I look forward to continuing our valuable relationship with our European partners. For the next two years our business is unchanged. Lloyd's has a well prepared contingency plan in place and Lloyd's will be fully equipped to operate in the new environment."

- John Nelson, Lloyd's Chairman


"The UK insurance and long-term savings industry is strong and built to protect customers from market uncertainty and shocks. Customers should remember we remain part of the EU until the process of leaving is complete and they should therefore avoid hasty decisions about their financial matters. For the UK Government, it will be important now to focus on ensuring the UK remains a globally competitive place to do business with the best possible future trading network with the EU and the wider world."

- Huw Evans, Director General of the Association of British Insurers (ABI)