Specialist knowledge in the heart of the City.

Moore Stephens Consulting (MSC) was founded alongside the insurance, assurance and consulting practice of Moore Stephens LLP, and still has close ties to these functions.  

Many of the core products and services are therefore tailored to the needs of the industry and address the specific data challenges faced by the market. Throughout the evolution of MSC, we have worked with a full scope of insurance organisations stretching from underwriters, reinsurers and Lloyd's Syndicates to both London Market and retail brokers. We deliver a variety of solutions from small departmental systems to large scale, enterprise-wide programmes. 

All of our core staff speak and understand the language of insurance and appreciate the intricacies involved in analysing data and reporting on performance in this market. As a technology provider aligned to an insurance consulting practice, we believe we are uniquely positioned to respond to and solve the issues affecting the industry. 

Our track record speaks for itself; we have consistently delivered world-class products to enhance our clients' business performance and empower them to make better-informed decisions about their future direction. 

Using over thirteen years of knowledge in our field, Moore Stephens has developed the Insurance BI Framework; a range of insurance data models, ETL design patterns, and code builders that reduce the cost, risk and timescales associated with introducing Business Intelligence tools in the Insurance market. 

More recently we have launched RuleBook: a platform that facilitates Pricing, Underwriting and Distribution of insurance products globally. RuleBook allows non-IT users to build, configure and maintain solutions that address the key business obstacles that are encountered in the Insurance industry.

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